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A large part of the world's population lives in the city of Gujranwala, a small town in Pakistan's Sindh province.

If there is one special Pakistani food for breakfast that I love, it must be halwa puri, and it is a special and popular breakfast dish in Pakistan. Parathas are the most common daily breakfast in Gujranwala, while Sajji is served with warm roti bread, sieved tandoor ovens and precooked rice layered in a massive cooking pot.

The meat ingredients are most commonly followed by beef shank, but in larger restaurants peanut and even pistachio toppings can be added. It is made at home with local butter and exudes a wonderfully sweet flavour.

If you're offering Pakistani moonlight, I'd suggest you find yourself in a local bar or restaurant with a glass of it, as it seems an excellent way to connect with the villagers. For more insights into Pakistan, here are 6 ways to experience art and culture in Lahore, Pakistan. But we hope that this list inspires you to travel to Pakistan and discover what you could not find in the short but delicious list above. Do's and don'ts in Pakistan with our guide to the best hotels in Gujranwala and other parts of the country.

Walking through the streets of a busy city in Pakistan, you will easily find yourself in one of the best hotels in Gujranwala and other parts of Pakistan during your stay. A plate of Biriyani is on the table when walking through busy cities, or you can find a place off the beaten track to be a little more relaxed and laid back while strolling in a busy, busy and beautiful city like Lahore.

It would be wrong to drop tea from Pakistan's ultimate food guide, let alone its status as a drink. There are many countries where meat is eaten, but Pakistan immediately joins the ranks of the great. It could even be considered the national dish of Pakistan, and let's face it, Pakistan is one of the countries with the best tea in the world.

There is no doubt that Karahi is one of the best Pakistani foods and I think it is close to the heart of all Pakistanis. I imagine that Silk Road merchants brought the very first dish of Kabuli Pulao I ate here in West Pakistan. There is a great variety to be discovered in the cuisine of different parts of Pakistan, but few dishes could make us feel invited to eat and enjoy more Pakistani tikkas.

Since then, modern variants have been served in the Far East, especially in my home country of Thailand and most recently in India. These wonderful memories of food are prayed for by the wonderful people of Pakistan and the great food traditions of the people of Pakistan.

The first thing to try is Chapshurro, as we have now moved into the first of the many restaurants in the Gujranwala Hotel, the Pashtun restaurant. There is an extensive menu and hotels like Shelton and Marian offer menus for the high-end market. At home in more traditional restaurants we offer Pashtun cuisine, but we bring international flavours.

We have also compiled a carefully selected list of recommended hotels for the best Western hotels in the country. We have included luxury hotels, including the top 10 hotels with the most luxurious rooms and suites in Gujranwala, and are available in a separate list. A detailed guide written by real guests with detailed information about the hotel and its facilities will help you make your booking decision.

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I # ve had this wonderful dish a few times and it shows that the influence of Pakistan came from the Middle East and people here have enjoyed Haleem for centuries. In Lahore Butt Karahi is mandatory, but in Karachi I would highly recommend Javed Nihari and in Lahore you can try Waris Niari or Wari Niyari. My favourite is Lahore, as Sajji is eaten while Biriyani sits on the street enjoying the food. I got used to Shrimp Karahi and behaved like that a few times.

Pakistani historian Ayesha Jalal has observed that partition was the most important event in Pakistan's history since its founding in 1947.

In Jammu, too, the mullahs "unease about the presence of Muslims in the region grew, and in Pakistan, my mother managed to contact Rasul, an accountant based at his headquarters in northern Punjab. A few days later, however, he received a message from the Pakistani government: "Do not convert anyone, do not encourage anyone to stay. I went to see him, but being used to such interference, I thought it was more of the same. In 1761, the British army under the command of General Abed Ali Khan tried to besiege Charat Singh's base in Gujranwala, but the bid failed.

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More About Gujranwala