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I've eaten 21 dishes in Pakistan and shared some of the best dishes I've tasted during my trip to Pakistan. These dishes are a mixture of different types of food from different parts of Pakistan such as Punjab, Sindh, Belochistan and Kashmir. Chapli kebabs are a good Pakistani food and can be found in many different places in the city of Karachi and in other cities. The handheld buns of these treats have gained All-Star status And they're one of my favourite dishes.

On the way, it is a three-hour drive from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, which takes three hours and Karachi four hours.

People use the G-T road to travel between Islamabad and Lahore and vice versa, and Gujranwala is a great example of how it has been manipulated to boost the food industry. In Lahore Butt Karahi is mandatory, but in Karachi I would highly recommend Javed Nihari and you can try him in Waris' Niharis. For cabs in the bar - b - Q, Gu jr is the main name and they have an insanely good shrimp karahi. While you're loitering around the city for a few hours after a long day's work, you need to go out and have some of Pakistan's best Kabab.

There are many countries where you like meat but go to Pakistan And she immediately joins the ranks of the great. I think that is because there is a great variety of food to be discovered in different parts of Pakistan. But I hope this list inspires you to discover so many other great foods in Pakistan that I did not have time to list them all in a short, delicious list as above.

A film about honour killings in Pakistan has won the best film award of 2016 because all the data was requested. Rishta Pakistan is one of the most popular and respected marriage offices in Pakistan. The majas (marriage offices) and marriage services are offered in the city of Lahore, the capital of Sindh province and the second largest city in the country.

I visited this place with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan director and there is a lot to offer and taste on the menu. I found that Sialkoti Gate is the center of traditional Pakistani cuisine, and while I was there, I had to visit the surrounding places and learn more about what is on the menu of the restaurant, including a variety of dishes, from barbecues to traditional dishes such as biryani, kabobs, baklava and more. If we continue now, the first thing we have to do is try Chapshurro, because it is off the beaten track. Shabaz Tika offers a wide range of dishes, including grilled chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken and pork chops and of course chorizo.

Gujranwala may be in the heart of Punjab, one of Pakistan's most populous provinces in terms of food and local cuisine, but Punjabi is where it comes in. At home, Pashtun cuisine is served in more traditional restaurants, but also in other places such as Sialkoti Gate and Lahore City.

There is an extensive menu, which is the mainstay of Gujranwala gastronomy and one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

Then modern variants, mostly served in the Far East, from our homeland to Thailand and then to the Far East. These wonderful memories of the food of the people of Gujranwala, the city, its people and its culture are destitute.

One of Pakistan's most delicious restaurant guides, though, is Katakat, made from fish in Karachi. Gujranwala is a city and capital of its division, located in Punjab, Pakistan, and north of the nearby provincial capital of Lahore. The area has been part of Pakistan since 1974, and before that there was no direct link between the city, its people and its culture. It is the second largest city in Punjab, Pakistan, and is located in the north, northeast of Lahore.

It houses some of the more traditional restaurants and offers Pashtun cuisine, and a plate of Biriyani is like walking through the streets of a busy city in Pakistan. Walking through busy, bustling cities like Gujranwala, the capital of Punjab, Pakistan, one can easily walk through the country's streets and restaurants.

In particular, we did not miss the mutton korma at Khan Baba restaurant during our stay in Lahore, and we had an amazing mutton curry in Pakistan. Sajji is served in a tandoor oven with hot roti and bread, along with a side of saffron curry. The food is accompanied by a naan filled with cheese and herbs and the tandsoori (or "roti"), and it is one of the most popular dishes in Gujranwala, Punjab, Pakistan. It is a delicious dish with sajjis, sajjis, served with spicy, spicy and spicy curry, with naans, cheese, herbs, T andooris and rotis.

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More About Gujranwala